Your salary as a work planner

Like the idea of a job as a work planner? Then might you also be interested in the salary of a work planner. You’ll find the answer in this blog

Are you looking forward to starting a new job? Like the idea of a great salary? (Who doesn't?) Well, a recent survey indicated that only 20% of employees are happy with their current income. So, there's a good chance you are one of the remaining 80%. Insert Tec or Tec 2 the rescue! Like the idea of a job as a work planner? Yes? Then might you also be interested in the salary of a work planner? You'll find the answer below.

What is the average salary for work planners?

Let's get down to brass tacks. According to Indeed, a work planner in Belgium – both female and male – on average earns 3,459 euros per month. That number was updated on 24 February 2022 and is the average of 52 submitted salaries. The wages were received from junior, mid-level (some years of experience, but not yet fully qualified), and senior work planners.

Some additional numbers

  • Junior work planners with up to two years of work experience earn on average 2,500 euros gross per month.
  • Mid-level work planners with 3 to 5 years of work experience earn on average 3,500 euros gross.
  • Senior work planners with more than 5 years of experience have a final salary scale of around 4,500 euros gross.

The national average gross salary for a work planner in Belgium is 47,467 euros per year. According to Glassdoor, the highest salary for a work planner in Belgium is 52,890 euros per year. Already chomping at the bit?

What salary can a work planner expect?

As a work planner you are the pivotal figure. You coordinate the preliminary phase of a project and maintain contacts with all parties involved. You should note that the job of a work planner is critical because without preparation every project goes awry. And that earns a good monthly salary.

A work planner's salary is based on different factors.

Firstly, your age, educational level, and work experience play a major role. For example, it will make a difference whether you received a diploma or degree from a secondary school, college, or university.

And different companies pay different salaries. As a work planner, you can work for the government, at a construction, technical, and industrial company, and in a consultancy firm. And, of course, at Tec, the technical project sourcing agency.

In smaller companies, a work planner's job is often part of a general position. Larger companies, in contrast, divide the work up among several positions. In that case, you could work as an estimator, planner, or draughtsman.

So, your pay as a work planner depends on:

  • the particular duties you perform
  • which company you work for
  • whether you are involved in smaller or larger projects

Junior work planner salary

Are you a junior work planner? Then your average base salary will depend on your educational level, experience, any student internships you have done, and the sector you end up in. However, never underestimate your negotiating skills.

A starting work planner in the construction industry receives a salary between 2,300 and 2,800 euros gross per month. In installation technology, the salary is around 2,500 euros gross.

So, why the difference, I hear you ask? This is mainly due to the required educational level.

  • The construction industry mostly employs work planners with a college degree.
  • In installation technology, there are more employees with a technical diploma from a secondary school.

As a junior work planner, you often support a mid-level or senior planner. Gradually, you gain more knowledge and skills. If your work is impeccable, you will be given increasingly complex and challenging projects. So, your responsibility grows and so does your salary.

Construction work planner salary

What are the necessary skills for a construction planner? As a construction planner, you keep an eye on the progress and calculated costs at the construction site. You maintain intensive contact with the management staff at the construction site and intermediate between external contacts and the management team. Negotiation and meetings are in your blood.

A construction planner in Belgium earns on average 3,520 euros gross per month. Salaries start at 2,995 euros and go up to 4,050 euros.

  • A junior work planner earns on average 3,370 euros per month.
  • A mid-level work planner earns on average 3,550 euros per month.
  • A senior work planner earns on average 3,730 euros per month.

HVAC work planner salary

And what about the salary for an HVAC work planner? As an HVAC planner, you can expect an average annual salary of 45,000 euros. The average salary is between 38,000 and 55,000 euros (Stepstone figures).

HVAC work planners are especially in demand in Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent. At, you will currently find 886 job vacancies for the profession as an HVAC employee in Belgium. So the chances of getting a job are sky-high!

What are your career opportunities?

That's also an important question! Of course, you can ask yourself whether gross and net salary give the complete picture. A good salary is certainly a plus, but you can't lose sight of the fringe benefits and secondary terms of employment. These are too important to be ignored.

  • How many days of holiday do you get? Are you entitled to WTR days?
  • What about commuting?
  • Do you get a company vehicle?
  • Does the company provide decent training?
  • Do you get opportunities to develop and grow?

As a work planner, you can rise to the position of senior work planner, project coordinator, and project leader. A project leader manages a team and a project. They ensure that the project is completed within the stipulated time and budget and that all quality and safety requirements are met. In contrast, a project coordinator focuses on supporting the project leader.

Want to become a work planner at Tec?

  • Are you looking for a job in which you can grow?
  • Are you looking forward to working on a variety of projects?
  • Are you looking for a job that offers a good mix of passion, integrity, teamwork, and creativity?

Then come work for Tec! As a work planner, we offer you more than just an average-market salary. You will receive a highly competitive salary, a full-time contract, and you will work on an outsourcing basis with different clients.

Our promise to you? We make sure that you are the right person in the right place for you. In other words, you get tailor-made jobs, security, and variety.

Tec is a technical project sourcing agency, powered by GRITT. Our professionals move projects to new heights, fueled with fire and expertise. How about becoming one of them?

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