What does a work planner do? Offers a lot of expertise

What does a work planner do actually? Which profiles are eligible? What skills are needed? Above all, is it something for you?

As a child, did you dream of growing up to become a planner? It’s more likely you wanted to be a professional football player or astronaut. Not bad. But we would like to present you with the next best thing: work planner. This is a typical profession that you learn on the job. What does a work planner do actually? Which profiles are eligible? What skills are needed? Above all, is it something for you? After all, you’re going to have to do the job eventually, aren’t you?

A clarification of what the profession entails and where to find work planner training or courses can be found below. We also want to highlight why taking a look at the vacancies for job planners at Tec might be interesting for you. We’re always on the lookout for good candidates. Read on, because you really don’t want to miss this opportunity do you? 😉

Job description work planner

Basically? A work planner coordinates projects in installation technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and construction, and does the initial planning for them. Therefore, he ensures everything is prepared before construction or installation work begins.

By the way, we may be referring to a he in this text, but there are many female planners as well. And they really are some of the most fearsome women out there.

Back to the essentials, what is the most important job of a work planner? It is very simple to explain, but to be honest, it is a bit more difficult to do. It’s the person who prepares the work and makes sure everything runs smoothly. This is the most important role in the profile of a work planner. He must have a healthy dose of creativity because he often has to think of new ways to get things done.

In general, what does a work planner do?

He is an indispensable link in the work process and ensures:

  • good planning,
  • sufficient and competent people are available,
  • all necessary materials are purchased,
  • the budget does not derail,
  • the technical drawings are checked.

What tasks does he perform?

A work planner prepares everything before the start of a new project. He calculates how much time, equipment and materials are needed, purchases materials, makes sure the project stays within budget, and ensures all the necessary permits have been issued.

What the position looks like exactly depends on the company in which he is employed and the function he performs there – that of planner, draughtsman or engineer. These three roles are often combined into a general work planner function. We call it three for the price of one.

What does a work planner do as a planner?

A work planner works on the planning of projects – I bet you didn't see that coming… He plans the activities and work involved in the project. He works out how many people are needed, the number of working hours, draws up work schedules, and purchases the necessary materials. He also stays in contact with all partners, including suppliers, clients and subcontractors. You heard it right, being a kick-ass work planner is not easy.

—> A natural flair for communication is a basic requirement.

What does he do as an engineer?

What is the role of an engineer? He focuses more on the numerical substantiation and calculations of the work. So you’ll need to freshen up on your Pythagorean theorem. He first collects all the information about the project and then calculates the required hours and materials. As a result, he draws up a budget and estimate for the project. He also looks for opportunities to save money and is responsible for the subsequent calculations.

—> A maths magician is always welcome.

And what does a work planner do as a technical draughtsman?

He draws out all the technical details of the work or construction projects, constructions and installations in a CAD drawing programme. Of course, he ensures everything fits together perfectly.

—> And what is the basic requirement here? A good eye for detail, is important, and if your last name is “Van Gogh”, that’s a plus.

The ideal work planner profile?

We have already described it above, but we will say it again because it is so important. Preparing and planning a project seems easy, but it is not. As an expert, a work planner must:

  • have knowledge of the technical process,
  • be able to read plans and make their own drawings,
  • be handy with a computer, because there is plenty of desk work involved.

You can be sure that work planners are well sought after. Not only at Tec we are constantly looking for new work planners. There are currently 251 jobs in the industry unfilled. We quote:

“There are many job planner vacancies. If you choose to be a work planner, you choose a good salary and a golden future.”

How to become a work planner?

You may have already been told at secondary school about the available training for working as a work planner via the careers advisor website “Onderwijskiezer”. This offers many courses in construction, among other things. In addition, Syntra offers training courses, as well as VDAB.

Often companies offer on-the-job training. This is because there are so many different types of work planner, and each type of company uses them in different ways. So you actually get paid while you are training – sound good?

Can you grow?

Yes, indeed you can. In most cases, you will initially receive guidance from an experienced project manager, especially in large companies. You can then grow into a project leader, project coordinator or even a project manager. Or who knows, even further.

“For talented employees and skilled personnel, the sky’s the limit.”

What are we proposing? Start working here at Tec as a work planner.

This could be a big career move for you, as well as a boost on a personal level. Here at Tec we make it a mission to discover your skills and core talents, and then get to work with them.

But what does that really mean actually? It means we ensure you end up in the place where your talents are best expressed. And that’s not all; we also take your personality and interests into account.

Do the following words say something to you? Passion and integrity complemented by a positive outlook on life. You will find those things working for Tec.

Do you think you would like to be part of our team and become a work planner? Especially now you have a good picture and an answer to the question: “What does a work planner do?”

Come on then! Contact us. We have many other job vacancies.

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