What is VCA**?

VCA certification is done according to a SHE safety checklist for organizations that carry out work with high risk. In this way it is guaranteed that the company, as the external subcontractor, carries out the outsourced work in such a way that safety, health, and environment are not endangered. Tec therefore ensures at all times that both its own employees and contractors always work and think in accordance with VCA guidelines.

Why do we opt for VCA** standards at Tec?

If you want to be successful, you must attract and retain customers. Our customers are the most important thing for Tec, after our own employees. Since safety and quality go hand in hand within the organization, achieving and maintaining these standards is a must and every employee, in whatever position or capacity, is an important link in the entire story. The VCA standard has now been made mandatory in many industrial sectors. Our customers are increasingly working on a safer working environment. Not only for their own employees, but also for external personnel and subcontractors. The final result must always be of good quality, realized by professional and safety-conscious people.

How does this work internally within the organization?

A monthly Safety meeting is held in the organization with all managers and employees (back office) where Safety topics are discussed and raised. This with the focus on advice and implementation of VCA, Codex, AREI, ARAB, … In order to keep safety awareness high, a toolbox with knowledge test questions takes place every month to check whether the knowledge and message of the toolbox have been understood and are known to the employee. With this data, the safety department gets to work, and, on the basis of trend analyses, the Safety team can alert and correct the various heads of department on a monthly basis in the context of workplace inspections and specific visits.

Where is the focus for the organization in the context of VCA**?

Qualitative workplace inspections

Involvement in the sites

Applying prevention hierarchy

Process-based approach and interaction

Improvement in personal protective equipment

Decision-making after a Safety meeting.

Relationship management

Added value VCA** for Tec?

Tec continuously strives to optimize its activities while maintaining a flexible and creative approach. Our objective is to always work out the most suitable solution for your projects. Not only by offering an extensive range of services, but also by invariably focusing on safety, health and environment.

As a VCA**-certified company, we are audited annually on various criteria, taking into account the applicable legislation, regulations and standards, but also the activities we carry out and the materials used in the workplace. Our employees are equipped with the necessary PPE and know how to use them.

This VCA** certification testifies to the continuous commitment of both our employees and our management, who meticulously comply with the established work procedures. This approach ensures pleasant cooperation and limits accidents to the absolute minimum.

Tec uses a fully digitized follow-up system for complaints and points for improvement based on toolbox meetings, LMRAs, etc.

All our employees are regularly retrained according to an internally determined training matrix linked to the VCA**. Further training takes place both internally and externally, at recognized training institutes and examination offices.

The VCA** matrix is an overview of the competencies and certification of our employees, so that they are deployed for the right assignments. In addition, this matrix ensures an accurate follow-up of refresher courses or renewals of the certificates already obtained. These are proof of their competences.