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For over 25 years, Tec has been partnering up with a multitude of projects, across industries like heavy industry, chemistry, building & infra, IT and petrochem. Bringing great people and great adventures together is what we do. That’s how we make magic happen.

Now what makes us so special?
We take our in-depth knowledge and match it with an eye for people and their growth potential. A nice mix of passion, integrity, teamwork and creativity. Okay, buzz words aside, we love a good tailor-made approach. The right man or woman in the right place is what this business is all about.

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Tec consultants are more than acquainted with installations, shutdowns and turnarounds. Industrial engineering projects were made for us, and we were made for them. Be it for a fixed timeframe or on a continuous basis, our people enhance your teams wherever you’d like them to. Our areas of expertise? Automotive, manufacturing, steel mills and many more.

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Building & Infra

Are you building your skyscrapers high? Or tunneling down all the way to the foundations? From buildings to infrastructure, roads and industrial construction: nothing we don’t have at least a single veteran of here at Tec. This experienced crowd- combined with years of experience – makes for a large knowledge base for us to fall back on. What can we help you with?

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Everyone who has ever been in any IT project knows that few fields can be as complex, demanding or time-consuming as this one. It makes the need for specialized personnel only that much greater. Luckily, the Tec IT team has all the coding experience right here in the pocket, skilled through innovating for various high-profile telecom operators.

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With global changes and environmental developments having a daily impact on this business in specific, you need to have people on the job who know their energy business – and emit plenty of their own. At Tec, we have lots of specialized profiles fit to deal with just about any petrochemical project, from bio engineers to project leaders and skilled technicians.

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Safety is key, and prevention will always outmatch the cure. Our certified inspectors focus on quality control, QA/QC management, technical advice or coordination and safety procedures. In addition to this, we also provide welding specialists in Belgium, the Netherlands and further along the international stage. Because of this large group of dedicated certified inspectors, it’s only natural that safety has nestled itself firmly in the Tec DNA.

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Our offering to the pharmaceutical industry consists of highly specialized profiles, brought in to exclusively serve our pharmaceutical clients. Our experienced contract managers, health & safety experts, validation engineers and planners foster long-term partnerships with our clients, adding up to the established culture of fine Tec engineers in this sector. Our pharmaceutical expertise is truly universal.

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