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As you probably have read by now, we’re a technical consultancy agency. We provide technical expertise for projects in a whole heap of sectors. No area our consultants can’t travel to.

The Tec team is made up of over 450 consultants, with a total of 25+ years of experience in various fields in technical consultancy roles. These great stats not only look good – they’re why we’ve made it to the top of our game.




years of experience

Precision in People

Real specialists are hard to find, but invaluable once they find their way to your team. Tec’s wide network of qualified and experienced technical project employees makes us your partner of choice in the search for the right professional. All of our consultants are just the people we like to have around. Both hungry young potentials and seasoned, experienced veterans.

Tec consultants are cut out for any role in your project. Moreover, they all hold a valid VCA diploma!

Yet flexibility is where we really make our mark. You decide on how long – and the type of problem or opportunity – you’d like to have one of our specialized consultants around for. We pick the person best matching your story to join in on your project, and make sure he or she comes fully prepared with all the necessary tools & certificates.

Our value system goes beyond consultancy. Once you’re done meeting with our recruitment consultants, we leave you in the trusting hands of our sales management team. One of them will serve as your unique point of contact throughout our collaboration. Our award-winning (if there were awards to be won for this) office management team finally takes care of payroll and payment processes.

Full of Grit

We’ve recently adopted a new brand lifestyle, being powered with GRITT. Wait, what’s that?

GRITT is the name of the family Tec belongs to, or the place we call home, if you will. Along with other people-oriented and forward-thinking companies under the GRITT banner, we’ve made it our mission to help shape a world where passionate people can solve any technical challenge.

GRITT isn’t so much our mom, dad, grandparent or distant relative. They represent all we aspire to be. Together we keep ourselves sharp, never losing that focus for people and their talents.

To be part of GRITT also implies living by the GRITT lifestyle. GRITT is derived from ‘having grit’, meaning passion – or pluck, mettle, resolve, you name it – is what we aim for. And guess what? We’re pretty good at it. Read all about GRITT

Read all about GRITT

We're not alone in our convictions

An innovative out sourcing and project management agency, GRITT incorporates TEC, Logi-technic. Together we're bent on bringing that total package to the table. Tec's your go-to place for outsourcing and management of your project, Logi-technic handles the execution and hands-on knowhow. This way, we've got all the skills we could ever need!


At Logi-technic, reliable teams of technicians stand ready to handle your technical maintenance jobs, assist your technical projects where needed or just fill in any gaps present in your team at the moment.


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