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Article 1 – Applicability

All our offers and agreements are subject to the general conditions stipulated below. Those general conditions of our customers which differ from our stipulations shall only be applicable if we have agreed to them in writing. Any agreements entered into by our legal representatives shall only be binding if we have confirmed them in writing or tacitly through the fact of their execution, without prejudice to the order. If, for any reason, one or more of the stipulations mentioned below can no longer be applied, all other stipulations shall remain applicable.

Article 2 – Offers

Our offers remain applicable for four weeks. Any order not received within four weeks, to be calculated from the day of the offer on our part, shall only be accepted after written confirmation or tacitly through the fact of its execution, without prejudice to the order.

Article 3 – Project time sheets

The principal’s signature on the project time sheets shall apply as acknowledgement of the correctness of the data mentioned on this time sheet and of the satisfactory execution of the work by the consultant. The principal shall not be able to dispute the validity of the signatures of his appointees or representatives on the time sheet.

Article 4 – Payments

Subject to a written agreement stating otherwise, all our invoices are payable 30 days after the invoice date. In case of failure to pay within this period, interest shall be owed, without proof of default, of 1% a month. In case of non-payment within 30 days after the due date, the principal sum shall be legally increased by 15%, with a minimum of € 25, also without proof of default. Pending disputes of any kind shall never give the customer the right to suspend payment. Failure to pay an invoice on the due date shall grant us the right to suspend any services that still need to be carried out as part of the commitments undertaken without any formality or prejudice to damages and interests.

Article 5 – Force majeure

Non-execution or any other shortcoming in the execution of our agreements shall be considered as force majeure if they are caused by, among others, neglect and/or a shortcoming by or on the principal’s premises, a strike or lock-out, war, civil or political unrest, an earthquake and any other unusual cause or any other case of force majeure.

Article 6 – Applicable law

The contract comes under the jurisdiction of the Belgian Courts. The customer acknowledges that only the authority of the Antwerp Courts shall apply to any dispute between the parties.