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Technical project sourcing company Tec is an expert in chemistry and therefore at home in many of the chemical companies in Antwerp. Many of our colleagues work there.

Did you know that Antwerp is home to the 2nd largest integrated (petro)chemical cluster in Europe? And that there is a lot of employment for people who know how to get things done? Technical outsourcing company Tec has a great deal of expertise in chemistry and is therefore at home in a large number of the chemical companies in Antwerp. Our employees work on quite challenging projects.

We often have interesting vacancies in chemistry and are constantly looking for people to fill them in the port of Antwerp. Something for you? Then apply now!

List of chemical companies in Antwerp?

You will not find a list of chemical companies in Antwerp or a list of the largest companies in Antwerp here. What we do want to show you is that there is an enormous diversity of chemical companies in the port of Antwerp. This diversity is even unique in the world.

Antwerp is home to the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. All the world players in chemical production are active there.

Did you know that the port of Antwerp now also works together with the port of Zeebrugge under the name Port of Antwerp-Bruges? If you know that Zeebrugge is one of the main entry points for LNG or liquefied gas, then you realise that the port of Antwerp is likely to become a green energy hub in the future. In that case the people of Antwerp will have even more to be proud of.

But that does not mean that the chemical companies in Antwerp will disappear immediately. You can rest assured that the TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil refineries will remain in our world port for a long time to come.

Overview of the city of Antwerp.

Chemicals cluster in Antwerp? One of the largest in the world

The importance of the chemical industry for the Port of Antwerp cannot be underestimated. The global chemical industry comes together here. You will find all possible expertise, an efficient logistics platform and logistics service providers, production, storage, transport and tank storage.

Furthermore, Antwerp is known as the place where polymers, the raw material for many products, are processed, stored and packaged. Afterwards they find their way to Europe and via overseas maritime connections to the rest of the world.

Also important? You will find many competent multilingual employees with a high productivity.

Some more striking figures?

Anyone working in the chemical industry is part of an extremely important economic branch in Flanders.

  • The chemical industry in Flanders accounts for an added value of more than 5 billion euros
  • The added value of the chemical sector in the province of Antwerp amounts to 3.6 billion euros or almost one-third of the total industrial activity
  • The chemical cluster accounts for 55% of the industrial activity in the port
  • Antwerp ranks fourth in the world in terms of refining capacity
  • In terms of ethylene and propylene production Antwerp ranks second
A petrochemical company in the port of Antwerp. At sunset.

Petrochemical companies are also present, what is the meaning of petrochemicals?

Besides regular chemical companies in Antwerp, there are also many petrochemical companies present in the port. And because petrochemistry is one of Tec's areas of expertise, we also help these companies find competent employees.

There are also many chemical companies in Antwerp that manufacture products from oil.

Did you know that Antwerp scores best worldwide in terms of diversity of chemical-based end products?

Tec offers you the job of your dreams in the chemical companies in Antwerp

Contact us for an exciting job in one of the chemical companies in Antwerp. Because many of those chemical companies are Tec customers. And you can rest assured that you do not need to have a chemical profile. Do you have an A2 level and some years of experience? Then you can certainly come and discuss your possibilities at Tec! Read this interview with one of our piping planners. Tec is always looking for technical employees with a background in engineering and heavy industries!

Maybe you will be the next employee we interview?

Why work for Tec?

Because you will be joining a team of more than 450 consultants, all of whom are ambassadors who love working for Tec. In total, we have more than 25 years of experience in technical consultancy. As a result, we know what we are doing and we do indeed help companies where needed and where it is right. We have a lot of clients. Also in the chemical companies in Antwerp.

Our success naturally means that we are constantly looking for experts and high potentials – people like you – for both short-term and long-term assignments.

Come and introduce yourself! Depending on your experience and knowledge, we offer you an available project that is 100% you. And rest assured, your salary is more than worth it too.

To give you an idea of the great pay you'll receive at Tec, here's what we do: ….

Click through, read and apply immediately! You can apply to an open vacancy, or apply spontaneously.

We hope to welcome you soon as one of our dynamic colleagues!

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