An industrial engineer’s salary is remarkably high

Technical profiles remain in demand. An industrial engineer’s salary is remarkably high. But make no mistake, the working atmosphere turns out to be more important than money.

Are you an industrial engineer? Then it does not matter in which industry you are active because you are set in the job market. The salary of an industrial engineer is usually quite high. This is a reflection of the high-quality education in Belgium. Of course, the lack of technical personnel in the labour market is also a factor. Technical profiles are and will remain in demand.

Working atmosphere appears more important than high income

But make no mistake. An above-average salary is naturally a plus and this applies to everyone. But research shows that an industrial engineer does not consider their salary the most important factor.

So, what comes first for them? Things like company culture, working atmosphere, and working conditions, as well as training opportunities. A decent salary only comes into play in fourth place.

Also high on the rating scale – especially among the younger generation of industrial engineers – are challenging assignments, recognition, appreciation, responsibilities, and naturally all possible development and advancement opportunities.

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What is an industrial engineer's salary?

Obviously, the salary of an industrial engineer depends on various factors. Not only on years of experience and seniority in your job but also your specific task as an industrial engineer. For example, you could work as a coordinator, site manager, and project leader. Every task and position has their own responsibilities and that, naturally, is reflected by the appropriate payslip.

Where will you land as an engineer?

The sector in which you work as an industrial engineer affects your salary. You could land in the world of construction, IT, engineering, or even aviation. And some sectors pay more than others. So, there's nothing new here.

We can readily divulge that the salary of an industrial engineer in the metal and chemistry sector is the highest. The wages of an industrial engineer in construction and engineering firms will be slightly lower. And in a smaller company, you will receive a lower salary than in larger companies. But the differences are moderate.

Finally, the region where you work also affects your salary. An engineer who has a job in Brussels usually earns more than an engineer at a company in West Flanders.

What is the average salary of an industrial engineer?

An industrial engineer earns quite a good living and can even count on a salary higher than most. The average salary – also called the median – floats around EUR 4,260 gross per month (according to the engineering association ie-net). This is slightly higher than the average salary of a bioengineer or civil engineer.

What else stands out? The gross monthly salary of an industrial engineer is not just higher than that of the average Belgian. It is 29% higher than the median.

Conclusion? Engineers earn a good living. And the icing on that cake can be even better than chocolate.

There are many perks. So, which fringe benefits are available?

Industrial engineers, both male and female, enjoy many fringe benefits. We list the most common in descending order of those offered.

  • thirteenth month
  • end-of-year bonus
  • hospitalisation or health insurance
  • group insurance or pension plan
  • meal vouchers
  • laptop and mobile phone
  • company car with fuel card
  • eco-vouchers

Some engineers even receive stock options, culture, or sports vouchers, a commission, or reimbursed childcare. However, this only applies to very few positions.

Do you know what else is included? The average 29 leave days an industrial engineer enjoys per year. You won't hear many engineers complaining about that. In general, their feeling of well-being is quite high. Four out of ten rate their life (private and professional together) with a happiness score of 8, 9, or 10 (Source: Jobat Salary Report 2021).

What is the salary of a novice industrial engineer?

Flemish industrial engineers are well educated and sought after in our tight labour market. So, companies offer high salaries for these profiles, and starters also benefit from this.

As a young industrial engineer, you can count on an average competitive salary of EUR 2,800 gross. Nice starting salary, right?

How much does a young engineer earn?

As a young engineer starting out, you already earn a good living. And on top of that, you get the accompanying fringe benefits. Of course, seniority and experience also play an important role. The longer you work as an industrial engineer, the more your euros per month will increase significantly.

Average salary – industrial engineer – 5 years experience // Coordinator // Site manager // Project leader

EUR 3100 gross/month // EUR 3400 // EUR 3000 // EUR 3300

Average salary – industrial engineer – 10 years experience // Coordinator // Site manager // Project leader

EUR 3500 gross/month // EUR 3800 // EUR 3400 // EUR 3700

Average salary – industrial engineer – 20 years experience // Coordinator // Site manager // Project leader

EUR 4400 gross/month // EUR 4450 // EUR 4150 // EUR 4500

Looking specifically for a salary scale for industrial engineers?

Then check out the Salary Compass. This will provide you with plenty of salary information for an industrial engineer working in small and large companies.

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