What does an industrial engineer do?

What does an industrial engineer do? First and foremost, an industrial engineer converts theoretical knowledge into high-quality practical applications.

A golden future awaits you as an industrial engineer, as there is a huge shortage of your expertise. The baseline is that there are more vacancies than engineers. The fact that there are so many vacancies for industrial engineers means that you can look for your dream job in the right company for you, as there is a good match out there for everyone. The answer to the question 'What does an industrial engineer do?' is extremely broad as they can work in a huge range of sectors.

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What does an industrial engineer do?

Industrial engineers translate theory into practice. They are NOT necessarily directly involved in science and technology.

But what exactly DO they do? They use knowledge from both fields to create technological applications that are both workable and efficient. They often find creative, innovative solutions for complex problems.

The wheel has already been invented. Therefore, industrial engineers often strive to improve older technologies. The first step is to conduct a thorough examination, analysis and research before adapting technologies to make them faster, more efficient, more sustainable and less expensive. This is a great job.

What else does an industrial engineer do? As an industrial engineer, you control industrial production processes. You design, develop, test and evaluate integrated systems. While doing so, you never lose sight of the following factors: the human factor, quality, logistics, cost-benefit analysis and production coordination. Quite a job, isn't it?

What is the difference between a civil and an industrial engineer?

Civil engineers work mainly mathematically, analytically and abstractly. They are mainly actively engaged in designing prototypes for the benefit of society.

Industrial engineers are more concerned with the practical application of these prototypes in various sectors, ranging from hard to soft. These sectors include architecture, chemistry and biochemistry, civil engineering, electromechanics and electrical engineering, energy, packaging technology, the food industry and, of course, the world of healthcare.

“In short, what does an industrial engineer do and what does a civil engineer do? Both work to improve the world. They drive our modern economy and society and hold the key to development and innovation.”

Industrial engineers can find employment in a wide range of work fields

There is no ready-made answer to the question 'What does an industrial engineer do?' because so many fields of work are open to them. Students following an Industrial Engineering study programme can choose from the following polyvalent specialisations:

  • High-tech machines
  • Research and development
  • Climate and energy
  • Food and transport

The opportunities for an industrial engineer are extremely diverse – we are sorry to keep repeating ourselves, but this is simply the case. As an industrial engineer, you have the opportunity and freedom to choose what areas you want to work in. And doesn’t everyone want to work in a field that fascinates them? It’s most people's dream – and yours too, right?

As an industrial engineer, you are sure of employment

“3%. This low percentage is the risk that your work will be taken over by robots within the next 20 years.”

What’s more, industrial engineering is very well paid!

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Profile of an industrial engineer: what skills do you need?

It seems obvious to us that an industrial engineer will be interested in applied mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

We envision someone who gets up in the morning with a smile on their face, looking forward to a day in which they will:

  • solve practical problems in a creative way;
  • examine matters thoroughly to come up with the right solution;
  • be eager to learn and live by the motto "A day without learning anything is a day wasted".

What else does an industrial engineer do? Industrial engineers often occupy a managerial position. This requires basic competences, such as a sense of teamwork and social skills.

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