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Our expertise in digital

Telecom and IT have proven to be ever-changing markets, characterized by extensive high-tech projects, the need for skilled telecom and IT specialists is on the rise. Exciting, new times bring the need for new and exciting kinds of people.

Speed and innovation remain crucial. Clients increasingly require flexible capacity for the execution of their assignments. Well, hello there.

At the same time, It’s obvious that the IT business has been booming for a while now. At Tec, we have all the expertise necessary to handle any client’s digital transformation. That’s why the 30+ professionals of Tec’s IT crew have their flexible, innovative solutions to combat your biggest IT challenges.

The Tec key ingredients

Are you in need of an IT hero to temporarily help you out in your coding needs? Are you looking to do some growing and you’d rather not do It alone? Or is it a specific set of code you would like to have written for you? In every single one of these cases and many more, we’ll gladly help you out.

During our +25 years of experience we found something about succeeding in this business that seems to be working for us: legendary staff members! We have an incredible set of sales and HR professionals, paired to equally great consultants, elevating telecom and IT projects to new heights every day.

Together, we make exceptional service happen, bring fresh perspectives to any project and provide you with the flexible way of working you expect from your consultants.

Our digital specialists are experienced in:

Site Acquisition – Site Engineering – RF Engineering – Tx Engineering

Tec can assist you in finding the following highly specialized profiles

  • Electrical & instrumentation Engineer/designer
  • Mechanical & piping engineer/designer/supervisor
  • Telecom Project leader
  • Network Designer
  • Developer (Java, .net, …)
  • Embedded specialist
  • Project engineer
  • Technical designer
  • Prevention advisor
  • Lab assistant
  • Automation Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Calculator
  • Measurement and Control Technician
  • Site manager
  • Project manager
  • Piping & Equipment Inspector
  • Welding inspector
  • QA/QC Coordinator

And let’s not forget our strong set of IT geniuses

Our IT focus lies with your not-so-average software development hero or heroine, people who feel proud of their coding. These experts bring a good combination of technical know-how and soft skills along with them to your project. Smooth talking professionals, what more could you wish for?

  • Java
  • .NETx
  • Embedded
  • Big Data
  • Automation

Did we catch your interest?

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