Industrial engineer degree? Choose from many options

Captivated by science, technology, and practice? Then an industrial engineering degree might be right for you. A good job and a good salary await you.

You have reached this page. This means that you are keen on science and technology and at the same time like to keep both feet firmly on the ground. Looking for an industrial engineering degree? Or more specifically an industrial engineering degree in Belgium… because there are actually quite a lot. And we should all be proud of this because our education system produces skilled and competent engineers.

“Belgian engineers are known for their high-quality work.”

In this blog, we guide you through the vast array of industrial engineering degrees. They all have one thing in common. The industrial engineering degrees all take at least four years to complete, at least in Flanders. You complete the degrees either at a faculty or department of industrial engineering at a university. The French Community is a little different. Their industrial engineering degree takes a year longer, i.e. a total of five years.

In a previous blog, we discussed what an industrial engineer does for a living. We also briefly discussed the difference between an industrial and a civil engineer. We will continue here to elaborate on that theme. The former is sometimes called the 'implementation engineer', whereas the latter is called the 'concept engineer'. Those words speak volumes. Of course, the content of an industrial engineering degree is more practical.

You can get a bachelor's and master's degree in Industrial Sciences at KU Leuven, Antwerp University, Ghent University, and Hasselt University.

Fact: industrial engineering degrees are also available at the Department of Defence

You can also get a master's degree in industrial engineering at the Royal Military School (KMS) in Brussels, in the polytechnic faculty POL, one of the two faculties there. Or through an industrial engineering programme at a public university or university of applied sciences. Both programmes then take five years.

Does your profile fit that of an industrial engineer?

  • Are you interested in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology?
  • Are you interested in knowledge that you put into practice?
  • Do you like to solve practical problems creatively?
  • And do you have an aptitude for accuracy and completeness?

Did you answer Yes to all of the questions? Then your profile makes you ideal for an industrial engineering degree. Now you just have to figure out which sector interests you the most.

A love of maths and science is a must as you will soon notice in a bachelor's degree in industrial sciences. You receive a very broad introduction to subjects, such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, and biology. Of course, that's not all.

  • You learn to think and act critically
  • You develop numerous management skills
  • You learn to work in a team efficiently, to take responsibility, and to lead
  • And you learn how to communicate fluently and clearly, which are also very important skills for a job as an industrial engineer

What industrial engineering degrees are available? There is plenty to choose from!

1. Academic bachelor's degrees in industrial sciences

You can choose from a range of industrial sciences degrees, such as architecture, chemistry, electromechanics, electronics-ICT, industrial design, informatics, and even nuclear technology.

While taking your bachelor's, you gradually discover where your real interests lie. In the subsequent master's programme, you deepen your knowledge even further and specialise in a particular technological field. Do not expect pure theory. You will acquire knowledge that is focused on its application and problem solutions.

The bachelor's degree will typically include many assignments and practicals in the laboratories. You are faced with real-life situations throughout the numerous individual and group projects, and internships.

2. Academic master's degrees in industrial sciences

You can choose from various fields of expertise and majors to be able to call yourself a Master of Industrial Sciences.

  • Architecture
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Technology
  • Civil engineering
  • Electromechanics
  • Electronics-ICT
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy
  • Industrial design
  • Informatics
  • Agricultural science
  • Land surveying
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Nuclear technology
  • Textile technology
  • Packaging technology
  • Food industry

Two industrial engineering degrees in the spotlight

We may highlight only two, but the choice is enormous as you can see above.

Architectural industrial engineering degree

Once you graduate, you will mainly be involved in the execution of construction work. You will implement construction projects, which require you to perform stability calculations. The constructions you build will need a solid structure to stand the test of time.

You design buildings, roads, bridges, houses, offices, shopping malls, football stadiums, tunnels, etc. You are often responsible for project and site management. And that is precisely why industrial engineering programmes focus a lot on efficient teamwork, taking responsibility, leadership, and communicating fluently and clearly.

Electromechanics industrial engineering degree

Fascinated by robots, motors, and 3D designs? Then this is your training! You learn all about machines, including virtual design, programming, prototyping, and control. You will also learn how:

  • a motor works
  • to design, manage, and maintain installations virtually
  • to generate, transport, and use the necessary electrical energy in a well-considered manner
  • to heat and cool buildings

Graduated? Get started at Tec right away as an industrial engineer!

You will never be out of work because of the massive range of jobs. For example, we have open industrial engineer vacancies in electro-mechanics and architecture.

In any case, we look forward to getting to know you once you have completed your industrial engineering studies.

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Colleagues can tell you all about the attractive salary of an industrial engineer and the range of fringe benefits they receive. And on top of that, the recognition and appreciation for your work.

At Tec, we ensure that you end up in the right place where your talents are best expressed. We always take your personality and interests into account when choosing your future work environment. You always get the last word!

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Are you eager to put your talents at the service of our dynamic team? We look forward to meeting you after your industrial engineering studies.

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