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We present to you Jelle, a work planner, and Kenneth, a work planner then supervisor. Both specialise in piping. Read about their story in this blog

We present to you Jelle, a work planner, and Kenneth, a work planner then supervisor. Both specialise in piping. You can watch and hear them in the video below. Curious about what they have to say? Read on.

Both men have been working for Tec for some years now as piping planners. Jelle worked elsewhere but then found his home at Tec. Kenneth has been working for Tec for eight years, the first five as a work planner then as a supervisor. Neither of them had any 'real' training to become a piping planner. But they didn't let that stop them.

Jelle already had a lot of experience with computers and mechanical knowledge from his earlier work experience. To take on the job of work planner, he learned a lot on his own and was also helped by knowledgeable colleagues. Did we mention that all our Tec colleagues are top-notch?

Kenneth also learned everything on the job. He got the chance to work his way up as a piping planner at Total. That was his first customer and he is still there today. 'Before, I worked as a pipe fitter and that turned out to be the perfect start for a career as a piping planner,' he laughed.

What does a day as a piping-mechanical planner look like?

A work planner's day is never the same… talk about a unique job. Both men make it immediately clear how varied the job of work planner piping is. 'There's no regular daily schedule because every day is quite different,' says Kenneth.

'Every problem is different and needs to be handled in a different way. I analyse my workload each day so I can plan my day well. So, I go outside and take pictures of what must be done. Or I schedule some more interviews to find out more about the mechanical and engineering details. I then work out all the details in the software system.'

Jelle describes his day job as follows: 'I receive projects that I have to prepare. This involves collecting the necessary info, drawings, and technical data within the company. Then I go out and see what must be done, where, how, and when. I do all of this to make sure that I really understand the job and know exactly what must be done. Then I look at how I'm going to handle it all, which cranes and materials I need and all that.'

What do Kenneth and Jelle think is a plus point of their job?

Both Kenneth and Jelle love the variety in their jobs. 'Every job seems similar, but you'd be surprised,' says Jelle. 'A machine is a machine. But its location also affects the job. The specific situation, the height, the type of materials… Each time, I really have to figure out how it all works to do the job perfectly.'

Kenneth also notes that no project is ever the same and always requires a different preparation and approach, and this is a plus point to him. 'All of the people I come into contact with are always different,' he says.

“The job is much the same, but the variety makes the job massively interesting and fun to keep doing.”

What qualities must a piping planner have?

According to Kenneth, a good work planner needs to be flexible because every job is different. 'You have to be completely open to anything each time. And, a practical mindset is important as well as the analytical knack to look at the content and interpret a job,' he says. 'My big advantage is that I've already done many of the jobs myself. So I know the problems that can arise. That helps a lot in any analysis.'

Jelle also considers it an advantage to have technical work experience so you can fulfil the piping planner job to perfection. 'I've worked in the field and have been at it for some years now. So I know what can go wrong. Knowledge of materials and some experience with computers is also definitely a plus.'

What tips do they have for future piping-mechanical planners?

'You have to be committed to the job, both inside the company and outside. You have to go look, be driven to look at everything, do all the paperwork correctly, and go after the right certificates,' says Jelle.

In contrast, Kenneth says he has received a lot of feedback from different people during his first months and years as a piping planner and even now after becoming a supervisor. 'Everyone has their own way of working and everyone gives tips in their own way. But in the end, you also develop your own way of working.'

"The important thing is that you give someone something they can work with right away.”

Why did they choose to work as a consultant at Tec?

Jelle was regularly contacted by Tec and eventually signed on as a consultant because 'Tec is a company that is known in the wide world of piping and mechanical engineering'. For him, Tec is a team of motivated, talented people who want to get ahead in their jobs, finish everything properly, and make sure everything works as it should. 'At Tec, you see new ambitions every day,' he concludes.

Moving up wasn’t so easy in the company where Kenneth used to work. 'Tec hired me as a beginner without any experience, and I'm still glad about that. So, I'm really loyal.' For him, Tec means reliability and good form. When we ask him about his ambition, he replies that he is now a bit busy. 'I've just become a coordinator, but I'm sure I will have opportunities in the future. So who knows? 😁', Kenneth concludes. So, an open ending. In other words, there's still material for our next blog post. 😉

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