It’s all about coaching

At GRITT, we’re convinced that coaching works; not only for our technicians and consultants for that matter, but for sales managers and HR coordinators as well. That’s why they too are coached and monitored constantly. The masterminds behind this practice? Our internal coaches Johann Bienert & Lien Demerie!

“I live for that lucky moment; you pull someone out of his/her comfort zone and then you realize it was for the good. Unfortunately, you can’t let everyone grow successfully, because you take the first step to personal growth yourself.” – Lien Demerie


Now that we work as one team, the Gritt team, uniformity is very important. We make sure that everyone gets the same input and can openly ask questions if something is not going well or if there is a lack of clarity. Of course the intention is to let every Sales Manager and/or HR Coordinator loose in his/her approach.

According to Johann, this individual approach goes hand in hand with the mutual cooperation, the cross-selling. In addition to the regular collaboration with our Gritt Academy, we also work together across brands to achieve synergies.

As a coach it is important to continue to succeed everyone, both experienced employee and starter, says Lien. Nobody is perfect, it’s the desire to learn that counts. We offer everyone a thorough training tailored to their personal wishes and needs. This is how we continue to grow as a company.


“I remember the coaching process in which the person in question was unaware of the fact that his/her approach had to change. In the end, I gradually tackled this with him/her through a tailor-made coaching trajectory. Today, this person is the one who’s at the top of the KPI-ranking. Their personal growth is the best compliment for me. That makes me proud!” – Johann Bienert

The future of Sales & HR

The future will be different for everyone in the business world. So will Gritt and his employees. GRITT will put even more effort into coaching, because the corona crisis has turned the whole market upside down. Attracting and retaining customers and consultants/technicians will therefore become a priority more than ever. This is a team effort, which is why we support them in this.

In addition, companies will also have much more digital communication. Not only internally, but also externally with prospects, customers, applicants, consultants and technicians. This will therefore require a different approach. In any case, our coaches are already prepared.


Johann and Lien are convinced that the future will be different, but the human factor remains central to us. Digital or face-to-face! Interested in getting to know our coaches better?

Or would you like to get started as a Sales Manager or HR Coordinator yourself?  Be sure to take a look among our vacancies.

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