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Tec is an independent technical consultancy agency. We provide technical expertise for engineering projects in the industry, construction, telecom sectors and oil, gas & energy.


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Engineers with a good deal of work experience are fairly scarce in the employment market. Tec has successfully attracted and retained valuable experts for more than 20 years.

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Young talents

The war for talent is raging with great intensity and in the coming years it will remain a real challenge to guarantee the necessary influx of young talent. Our solution? Tec Young Talents.

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  • Testimonial

    "AG Real Estate chose tec because it was flexible enough to offer the right profiles quickly. These are profiles of highly educated people, such as architects and architectural engineers, who at lea..."
    Jan Van Vooren, AG Real Estate
  • Testimonial

    "We have tec consultants working for us to support and manage the projects from A to Z. We also have highly technical consultants to support the tasks and projects."
    Kristiaan Van Geel, Belgacom

The tec Young Talents team will start screening and recruiting young graduates in February. We will be present at nearly all university and higher education job events in Flanders focusing on IT or engineering.

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