TEC BLUE offers technically skilled workers for (petro)chemical sites in the Port of Antwerp. As a customer-intimate company, TEC BLUE focuses on service and partnerships with its customers.

TEC BLUE is VCA** certified and works according to the 'plug and play' principle, whereby the technicians are provided with all necessary materials and certificates to successfully complete projects. TEC BLUE works closely together with TEC to be able to propose a complete technical range of white and blue collar profiles on the Antwerp market.

Our TEC BLUE team is active in the following industries

  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Maintenance
  • Petrochemical

Our experts have expertise for the following industrial projects

  • Mechanics
  • Electromechanical
  • Welders
  • Pipe fitters
  • Flange mechanics
  • Rigger mechanics
  • E&I-technicians
  • Control engineering
  • Process operators

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Challenging jobs at tec

Our customers have high demands: they need high potentials for their challenging technical projects. We strive for constant quality and provide them with the best people and services.

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  • tec offers high-level consultants. Our tec consultants know the Belgian legislation in the 3 regions well.
    Kristiaan Van Geel (Head of Network Deployment), Belgacom
  • tec mainly distinguishes itself from the other suppliers by its staff follow-up on our premises. This means they give and receive staff feedback at least twice a year. tec also provides training that is tailored to each member of staff.
    Jan Van Vooren (Head of Design Building), AG Real Estate
  • AG Real Estate chose tec because it was flexible enough to offer the right profiles quickly. These are profiles of highly educated people, such as architects and architectural engineers, who at least have basic experience and sufficient flexibility to go and work in a new environment.
    Jan Van Vooren (Head of Design Building), AG Real Estate
  • We have tec consultants working for us to support and manage the projects from A to Z. We also have highly technical consultants to support the tasks and projects.
    Kristiaan Van Geel (Head of Network Deployment), Belgacom

Specialized technical consultants