Tec consultants in the Schools of Tomorrow project at the Flemish Community

The tec consultants in the real estate sector are closely involved in the Schools of Tomorrow project. For this project, the Flemish government works with private partners (AG Real Estate - BNP Paribas Fortis) to solve the shortage of schools and improve school housing.

Thetecconsultants in the real estate sector are closely involved in the Schools of Tomorrow project.

In this project, the Flemish government makes every effort to resolve the shortage of schools with a public-private partnership (PPP). The housing of existing schools is also modernised and improved.

'The Schools of Tomorrow' project goes beyond a traditional public-private partnership: it includes the schools’ Design, Build, Funding and Maintenance for 30 years and is therefore referred to as a DBFM programme.
A large group of tec-experts is currently contributing to the project, which is managed by project developer AG Real Estate. The group of tec experts includes more than 10 Design/Build Project Managers, Procurement Experts and Assistant Project Managers.

tec is proud to make an important contribution in terms of knowledge and expertise to a project that is crucial to Flanders.

Schools of Tomorrow, the principles for every individual school project
  • Creating an inspiring learning environment and enthusiastic atmosphere
  • Striving for sustainability and environmental compatibility
  • Establishing as many schools as possible to fulfil a comprehensive role in their area
  • Constructing flexible and modular spaces
  • Building inviting and highly accessible schools
  • Striving for modern comfort (thermal/acoustic/air quality)
Scope of the programme
  • 165 projects for more than 200 new or renovated school buildings
  • 625.000 m² of buildings
  • Approx. 300.000 m² of area work
'Schools of Tomorrow ' recently celebrated its 150th planning permission, which was for project 014 in ’s Gravenwezel - Schilde. To date, the Schools of Tomorrow DBFM programme has submitted 161 planning applications.
Every 3 weeks, Schools of Tomorrow publishes tender documentation for around 10 projects across the different clusters. More than 1000 DBFM projects have already been presented to the 13 candidate contractors in this way.

Read more about this exciting project of the future on the Schools of Tomorrow website.website van ‘Scholen Van Morgen’!

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  • tec mainly distinguishes itself from the other suppliers by its staff follow-up on our premises. This means they give and receive staff feedback at least twice a year. tec also provides training that is tailored to each member of staff.
    Jan Van Vooren (Head of Design Building), AG Real Estate
  • AG Real Estate chose tec because it was flexible enough to offer the right profiles quickly. These are profiles of highly educated people, such as architects and architectural engineers, who at least have basic experience and sufficient flexibility to go and work in a new environment.
    Jan Van Vooren (Head of Design Building), AG Real Estate
  • tec offers high-level consultants. Our tec consultants know the Belgian legislation in the 3 regions well.
    Kristiaan Van Geel (Head of Network Deployment), Belgacom
  • We have tec consultants working for us to support and manage the projects from A to Z. We also have highly technical consultants to support the tasks and projects.
    Kristiaan Van Geel (Head of Network Deployment), Belgacom

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