Growth begins beyond your safe space

The Tec Academy is there to support our consultants, technicians, planners, HR professionals or sales people. Your potential is endless. It’s up to you to make it real.

You take the lead in your own career. Are you a technician but dreaming of a career as an automation engineer? Sure! Did you start out as a project leader but you’d like a job in sales? Why not! If you show us the determination and potential to get there, we’ll help you along the way.

We call this ‘internal mobility’ and we’re proud of it. Hire for attitude, train for skill!

We give you a box to think outside of

Knowing you’re at the helm of your own career is one things, venturing beyond your goals is another. This is why we came up with the EvoBox.

To support you in both your personal and professional development, we came up with the YouGrow Box. A box filled with inspiring gadgets as well as a set of cards containing various talking points. You decide the topics you’d like to talk about during your evaluation!

We take you to the next level

GRITT is home to dedicated professionals, both at Tec and Logi-technic. Dedicated professionals are key to delivering premium services, which in turn makes for delighted customers. It couldn’t be more simple, really. The Academy is made out of GRITT DNA!

The Tec Academy stands at the heart of it all. It’s what keeps our beliefs together – powered by people! The Academy brings opportunities to any professional willing to take them on. Regular training, coaching, workshops and talks fuel our knowledge base.

Hire for attitude, train for skill!

The way we train our consultants at Tec is based on 4 important pillars. We’d love to share them with you!

We’re about safety

Safety first: walk the walk and talk the talk! We ensure that every professional has all the safety certificates necessary to get the job done in a safe and secure way. We bring added value through our Safety Days, events filled with interactive workshops such as first aid, fire and traffic safety, work accident testimonials and much more!

We’re about skill, skill, skill

We hire individuals we feel display potential and get them up to speed, turning them into professionals fit for the task. Depending on your needs, we stay on the lookout for training sessions best suiting you and your skills. The final goal? To be GRITT certified!

We’re about (to) change

The times are a-changin’ and so are your professional fields. The Tec Academy plays its part in getting professionals updated and outfitted to deal with new development and techniques. We host Tech Talks where we bring expertise to share with you.

We’re about future

Unfortunately, far too few boys and girls choose a technical career in the STEM fields early on. That’s why the Academy sends out its best and brightest to bring their enthusiasm to young minds everywhere. Being a trusted partner of the Techniekacademie and WeGoSTEM, we give regular, creative workshops to school children everywhere.

Pick your path as part of our in-house team

Tec and Logi-technic couldn’t send out the best of the best without the in-house teams making it possible to do so. It’s why we designed growth plans for everyone not fitting the consultant and technician profiles at Tec. We call them career levels.

Level 1 - Entry

We created a fixed training programme for you to benefit from throughout your first year with us, full of learning opportunities! Think ​GRITT Newbies Day,​ intensive onboarding, the chance to learn from different colleagues, HR & Sales coaching, and so much more!

Level 2 - Expert

This is where we really kick off. Actually, you’re the one who gets to do the kicking, using your GRITT coins. These coins you can spend on different training sessions, each one designed to teach you new skills or improve the ones you already have. We also allow everyone to trade in these sessions and do some relevant volunteer work instead. Why not enhance your skills and do something for others while you’re at it?

Level 3 - Leader

Once you’ve assumed a leadership position with us, we’ll teach you what it really means to guide other professionals along their career paths. We put emphasis on training you in the ways of coaching, communicating and leadership. Why be a boss if you can be a leader instead?

Education tailored to the technical

The way we distribute knowledge amongst consultants and technicians is based on 4 important pillars. We’d love to share them with you.

GRITT Newbies Day

Welcome to the wonderful world of GRITT! During our GRITT Newbies Day, we’ll take you through all the aspects of life at GRITT, both at Tec and Logi-technic. What does the GRITT DNA really look like? Which values are key to us? How do you bring a perfect GRITT pitch to the floor? During this day, we put the spotlights on all of our GRITT Newbies and take the time to get to know you better. Fun guaranteed!

HR & Sales Coaching

Our HR Business Partners & Sales Coaches created an intensive and efficient coaching path for you. It enables us to put your personal needs first and coach you as you grow as a professional. Get ready for individual coaching, as well as interactive group coaching sessions.

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is our tool to give you insight in your own way of working. A tool revolving around a language of colors helps everyone to get to know themselves better. Insights Discovery is our go-to tool to communicate in a connecting way. And to top it all of, we have our own Insights Discovery coaches to train you in several workshops!

Feel like joining Tec?

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