• tec mainly distinguishes itself from the other suppliers by its staff follow-up on our premises. This means they give and receive staff feedback at least twice a year. tec also provides training that is tailored to each member of staff.
    Jan Van Vooren (Head of Design Building), AG Real Estate
  • tec offers high-level consultants. Our tec consultants know the Belgian legislation in the 3 regions well.
    Kristiaan Van Geel (Head of Network Deployment), Belgacom

Our clients

To achieve your project goals on time and according to the specified quality standards you need the help of experts. You don’t have those specialists in-house? No problem. tec will find you the consultant with the right qualities.

Do you need additional expertise to finalise a specific project and you do not wish to add an extra employee to your payroll? That’s when tec will act as a specialised consultancy agency.

For project assignments we work on a consultancy or direct management basis. We will agree an hourly or daily rate in advance, depending on the scope of the assignment. We also define a final or expected end date and establish the cancellation scheme.

Our team deals with the interviews and screens and selects the right candidate. We finalise all administration, establish the contract with the consultant and make clear agreements with all the parties involved.

Our network contains more than 400 highly qualified and experienced project employees from different sectors. This makes us an excellent partner to find the consultant for your technical project.


Tec continuously builds long-term partnerships with its clients and consultants:
  • Industry - BASF, ExxonMobil, Fabricom, FAO (Fina Antwerp Olefins), Fluor, Foster Wheeler, Jacobs, Total Raffinaderij Antwerpen, Total Raffinaderij Nederland...
  • Construction - AG Real Estate, BNP Paribas Fortis, CFE Group, Ertzberg, Eurostation, Grontmij, Interbuild, Tractebel...
  • Telecom - Alcatel-Lucent, Base, Belgacom Mobile Belgium, Ericsson, Huawei, Mobistar, Siemens, Telenet...
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Specialized technical consultants