Project SIL / SCIS Engineer


Main responsibilities

  •  Reporting to the Lead E&I& Automation and responsible for undertaking, instrument design reviews in accordance with appropriate technical standards and specifications associated with the services provided by the engineering Contractor.
  •  Instrument and SCIS design review activities are in support of the Project and development initiatives and include support to other disciplines during the engineering and procurement phases.
  •  Stimulates challenges and supports the Engineering Contractor to strive for easy / simple solutions and to avoid unnecessary changes.
  •  Attend factory inspections and expediting, where applicable, and ensure equipment is in full compliance with the specifications and in time.
  •  Follows the instrumentation equipment and bulks quantities and checks these in the estimate.
  •  Follows the development of the execution schedule ensuring both the timings and sequencing are correct.
  •  Where budget bid enquires are prepared, check technically both the issuance and bid analysis that they are of the correct quality.
  •  Take responsibility for the engineering Contractor’s deliverables as per the Contract
  •  A prime responsibility is the development and maintenance of good and beneficial relationships with, contractors, partners, vendors, local organisation and other businesses and third parties such as engineering institutions, certification bodies etc..
  •  Support and implement the use of Common Engineering Specifications. Where required raise the appropriate deviation requests, keeping a register with the status of such.
  •  Ensure that the relevant Local and International regulations are followed by the Contractor and Vendors.
  •  Ensure that effective use of the Lessons Learned system according to BEI-CO-00-016 is made.

General duties

  •  have a full knowledge of the Final Engineering package
  •  have a full knowledge of the Engineering Contractors scope as per the Contract
  •  have a full understanding of the Engineering Contractors Schedule and the activities and deliverables for the discipline and be a driver to ensure the latter are achieved in a timely manner.
  •  prior to commencing work, agree with the Project Manager the proposed budget and contingency, for the work to be undertaken for his discipline
  •  ensure that all tasks assigned by the Project Manager are completed on time and within budget
  •  attend internal / external design reviews and other meetings, as necessary
  •  attend internal training courses as requested by the Project Manager and be aware of external training courses which could be of benefit
  •  keep up to date with and adhere to Company and Project related procedures
  •  make himself/herself fully familiar with Company Common Engineering Specifications and its local amendments and ensure deviation requested are raised accordingly, logged and followed up.. Give the appropriate feedback to the workgroup.

Sil Evaluations

  • Participates in the SIL evaluation meetings as a subject matter expert
  • Understands LOPA and risk graph evaluation method
  • Has a good understanding of independent protection layer principles and common cause problematic
  • Gives input to validate GAP closing solutions and makes sure testability and maintainability is incorporated
  • SIL assessments & execution
  • Responsible for SIL equipment selection and management including SIL assessment of existing equipment
  • Has the maintenance engineering skills to compile all information needed to do the SIL calculations. This includes equipment MTTR scenario, Interlock and equipment testability
  • Responsible for SIL calculations
  • Responsible for defining technical “GAP closing” solutions
  • Follow up of SIL design, commissioning and start up
  • Responsible for SIL equipment inspection, proof test methods and procedures
  • Responsible for all SIL lifecycle documentation
  • Responsible for following up the execution and reporting of the inspection and proof tests
  • Guide maintenance on how inspection and tests have to be executed
  • Train involved maintenance people


  • Contribute as a team member, and liaise with other disciplines and the Engineering Contractor as necessary for IDC checks etc., to minimise costs and efficiently co-ordinate planned work scopes.
  • Follow up closely the engineering and procurement schedules ensuring the activities for the discipline are completed in a timely manner.
  • Attend internal progress meetings and meetings as required with the Contractor.
  • Review and approve all instrument changes after “Approved for Design” level is reached.
  • Participate actively in the Contractors planning and monitor overall progress and performance by frontline activities identifying any areas of concern and implementation or instigation of appropriate remedial actions
  • Actively participate in audits of both the Contractor and Vendors.
  • Give input to the Engineering Manager to keep track of the process defects, non-conformities etc., as stated in the Contract with the Engineering Contractor.
  • Perform risk Assessment continuously in his area.



  • Master degree in Electrical Engineering (or equivalent)
  • SIL certified Engineer
  • Minimum 10 years of working experience
  • High degree of computer literacy.
  • Vast knowledge of the discipline
  • Trained in Project Management
  • Knowledge of International directives on his disciplines


  • Have extensive knowledge and trained experience within Safety Integrity Level systems (IEC 61508-61511) and Safety Lifecycle principle
  • Understands all SIL related Borealis procedures
  • Knowledge of Instrument installations
  • Technical experience, preferably in a maintenance or Project environment working with Contactors.
  • Comprehensive Onshore Construction and investment project Experience
  • Woking experience in multicultural environment
  • Experience of olefins or poly-olefins plants is important


Naast een contract met een aantrekkelijk salaris op maat, bieden wij je:

  • een boeiende werkgever in volle expansie die veel toekomstmogelijkheden biedt voor jouw verdere carrière in de technische branche; 
  • een heleboel extralegale voordelen die passen bij je contracttype en jouw eigen voorkeur (zoals bijvoorbeeld een bedrijfswagen/e-bike, groepsverzekering, dagvergoeding);
  • TEC Plaza's (beter gekend als afterwork of netwerk drinks) die je zeker niet mag missen;
  • bedrijfsevents in een echte TEC-sfeer. Denk maar aan de jaarlijkse BBQ, sportevents (Ten Miles), een eindejaarsdiner, een familiedag (filmdag),... Noem maar op!;
  • de mogelijkheid om je eigen talent verder te ontwikkelen dankzij ons Competence Center (expert classes waarbij één gastspreker over een technisch onderwerp komt vertellen) en dankzij ons aanbod aan online Cevora trainingen (voor zowel je soft- als hardskills);
  • persoonlijk contact met en ondersteuning van ons hecht team van Office Managers, Accountmanagers en Recruiters;
  • een persoonlijke attentie bij speciale gelegenheden (verjaardag, jubileum,...);
  • traktaties op de werf of klantensite;
  • en last but not least: de kans om een groot netwerk op te bouwen en om je ervaringen en kennis met andere technische profielen te delen.

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Electrical & Instrumentation
E&I Project Engineer
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