Join our .NET Bootcamp February 2020

For our Young Talents we are taking it one step further, and we are starting an actual .net Bootcamp in February 2020. We will fill our Hive with enthusiastic graduates to prepare them in 3 weeks to a professional .net development career. We convert your school knowledge or your first .net experience into a very practice-based toolset.


Do you know the feeling?

You are graduated, are still working on that bachelor thesis, but you would like to start working at the beginning of next year. Or you started your first job in September, but the distance or the technology stack is a bit disappointing. Or you took the path of sysadmin but you miss programming ...

Screw it, let's do it!

At the beginning of March we will launch you, in consultation of course, at one of our .net customers. We will keep following you closely, especially in the first year, through monthly coaching with you and our client. You will also receive workshops in soft skills, a solid monthly salary (already during training) and a cool car.

And if you want to taste something else after a while, we are here to find you a new assignment as an expert consultant ...!


Your code

Your code is .net, you have a solid basic knowledge of C#. You are eager to learn!

You have a way with words

As well as a solid technical baggage, you also possess the necessary soft skills. Because if you have a way with words, it is much easier to interpret the needs and targets of users.


As a consultant, customer focus and flexibility are necessary to quickly respond to projects or questions from customers.

Just do it

You show initiative by nature and like to lead projects. You think in terms of solutions, and you don't avoid problems.

You only grow out of your comfort zone

As a consultant you always step outside your comfort zone when starting a new project. But no worries, we've got your back!


  • State of the art .net Bootcamp, workshops (coding trainings, IT conferences, inspiration sessions, ...).
  • Challenging projects, just right for you.
  • Moments of coaching and follow-up throughout your path.
  • Soft skill trainings such as project management, consulting skills or Insights Discovery.
  • Unlimited access to SAI evening conferences.
  • Solid monthly salary, cool company car and nice extra-legal benefits.
  • And recreation! A good beer after work, a lunch with colleagues, a guided tour in Bruges, a night of billiards, a movie night with the family, going to an IT conference together ... It's all possible!

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Our customers have high demands: they need high potentials for their challenging technical projects. We strive for constant quality and provide them with the best people and services.

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