Tec has a broad experience in the industry. Our consultants provide support for specific engineering projects such as the construction of installations and for time-specific assignments such as shutdowns and turnarounds. In addition, tec is a preferred partner for permanent activities such as...

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Civil engineering / Construction

The economical expansion, increased regulations and extensive specialisation have fundamentally changed the building sector. The building process is characterised by fragmentation of the activities and a clear description of task distribution. As a partner in technical expertise tec provides the...

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The Telecom market is constantly changing and is characterised by extensive high technology projects and a strong geographical distribution. The need for Telecom specialists is high. Speed and innovation are crucial. Clients increasingly require flexible capacity for the execution of their...

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Oil, gas and power

Oil, Gas and Power industries are always on the move: new technologies, maintenance, turnarounds and shutdowns. Therefor the need for experts is permanently high, varying from short period assignments to long term projects. Thanks to an expertise of over 20 years, tec can find the high potentials...

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tec is an independent technical consultancy agency in the industry, pharma, food and civil sectors. We have been providing technical expertise in design, engineering, project & construction management since 1991. With an extensive team of specialized consultants and a wide network, tec belongs...

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Challenging jobs at tec

Our customers have high demands: they need high potentials for their challenging technical projects. We strive for constant quality and provide them with the best people and services.

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Specialized technical consultants